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15 Nov 2014 

15 minutes ago View photo Kim Kardashian's Paper Winter 2014 magazine spread -- Paper Just a day after attempting to "break the internet" with an exposed butt photo, Kim Kardashian has done it again this time going full frontal! The 34-year-old mom is seen in two new shots from her racy Paper magazine spread leaving nothing to the imagination. Kim teased the racy shots on Twitter , writing "Because we know you came [to] just read the article." PHOTOS: Kim Kardashians Nude Paper Magazine Spread As previously reported on , the reality star first made headlines on Wednesday for a spread shot by photographer Jean-Paul Goude, where she is seen skillfully balancing a drink on her butt. In the second racier photo from Wednesday, the 34-year-old mom exposed her entire backside (which appears to be very oiled up!) while pulling down a sequined dress.

Kim Kardashian reveals they're not doing family's annual Christmas card this year |

"Kim went into the shoot with just the one cover image in mind: the champagne pic, because Jean-Paul Goude wanted to recreate his pic he took 30 years ago. That was it," a source tells E! News exclusively of the shoot, which took place back in September during Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015. "But Jean-Paul and Kim hit it off and they asked everyone to leave and they both got creative. No publicist, no magazine execs." "He had to be inspired and sketch her first and have a vision," the insider adds. "So he came up with thatripping the dress off.

Kim Kardashian Butt Paper Magazine Cover: Tina Fey Bossypants Excerpt

All that aside, however, Kim still hinted that there may be more behind the lack of holiday card than only the lack of time. "And where is everyone?" Kim asked. "Y'know, this one doesn't want to be in it, this one does want to be in it, so who knows" View gallery . The 2012 Kardashian Christmas card (Nick Saglimbeni) In the last few years, themes for the card have included a sexy menswear-inspired shoot tinted in dramatic blue tones shot by Nick Saglimbeni, an all-white party pic complete with silver confetti (also Saglimbeni), and a ransacked carnival scene shot by David LaChapelle. Related: Kim Kardashian Bares All in Second Round of Magazine Pics In addition to chatter about the actual image, though, there's always plenty of speculation about which members from the extended Kardashian-Jenner brood make the cut, and which don't. In 2012, despite the fact that Kanye West and Kim had been inseparable for months, the rapper was not included in the pic (though that may have been his choice), and in 2013, Kanye, Scott Disick, Lamar Odom, and Rob Kardashian were all notably absent (Bruce, however, did make the cut).

I Can't Help But Admire Kim Kardashian's Devotion to Staying Famous

Shes willing to literally bare all, but also poke fun at herself by, say, getting her butt X-ray to convince us that her cheeks are real . Shes managed to transcend her sex tape origins to emerge as someone able to sell whatever version of herself she chooses, alternating seamlessly between romantic wife, doting mother, devoted sister and teetotaling but still fun party girl. These photos arrive at a time when other female celebrities are fighting back against stolen nude images, and, in the case of Keira Knightley , Photoshopped images of female nudity. But Kardashian has no such concerns, which is refreshing in its own way. She is not trying to make a political statement about women and nudity or about race . Being famous and keeping herself and her family famous are her raison detre, one shes willing to go to almost any lengths for.

Kim Kardashian Goes Full-Frontal moved here Naked, Shows Off Boobs and Everything Else in Paper Magazine | E! Online

In an interview with Glamour , Kardashian said its their busy schedules that caused them to break tradition. We're a little confused this year because we ran out of time, I think this is the first year that we're not doing our card, she said. We're kind of sad, we just couldn't get it together. And where is everyone? Y'know, this one doesn't want to be in it, this one does want to be in it, so who knows." She added that instead of doing their usual Christmas card, theyre going to take photos in their photobooth at their holiday party and make a New Years card instead. Their annual Christmas card, while its definitely been taken up a few notches over the years, wasnt just a tradition they started when they became public figures.

Kim Says There Won't Be a Kardashian Christmas Card This Year | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

Axelle/Bauer-GriffinFilmMagic / Getty Images A brief excerpt from her book 'Bossypants' feels especially relevant right now In an apparent attempt to break the Internet , Kim Kardashian bared her booty on the cover of Paper magazine this week. (She also posed with a champagne glass resting on her butt, which was clearly the most impressive part of the photo shoot.) MORE: The Mean Girls Cast Reunited for a 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot This got a lot of people talking, gawking, reacting, declaring her butt an empty promise , etc. But it caused some to recall an excerpt from Tina Feys 2011 book Bossypants, in which she briefly ruminated on womens body image. Of course, she ends with a line about Kim Kardashian: As ever, Tina Fey already nailed the whole Kim Kardashian thing: Ryan Nelson (@RyanJohnNelson) November 13, 2014 Now every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama, and doll tits, Fey wrote. The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes. Yup, that about sums it up.

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14 Nov 2014 

Theres more where that came from. Related Kim Kardashian ushers in the Autumn of Bottoms on the cover of 'Paper' Kim Kardashian West and Paper Magazines efforts to Break the Internet with that meme-worthy photo may have managed to put a little (butt) crack in the Web earlier this week, but nowits all about the front stuff. Wednesday night,Paper put up photos from the entire shoot along with the articleyes, if anyone forgot, the photo also came with words. The earlierphotos may have ushered in the Autumn of Bottoms, but todays photos may very well herald in Full-Frontal Fall.

The Man Behind Naked Kim Kardashian Photos, Jean-Paul Goude, Has A Race Problem

On this morning's episode of The View, the ladies couldn't avoid talking about Kim and her super-sexy and super-revealing nude photos. "Kim Kardashian I guess tried to break the Internet with her butt shots, and now she's showing us the other side," Whoopi Goldberg said as Kim's booty and full-frontal pics flashed on a screen behind her. "So I guess people are a little freaked out by it, but is the full-frontal thing bothering anybody here?" PHOTOS: Stars' naked magazine covers "I think that it's an issue of taste and class," co-host Rosie Perez chimed in, adding, "because a lot of people give women a lot of crap for celebrating their bodies. And just because you're a mother doesn't mean that your sexuality is just erased or the celebration of your sexuality should be erased." Perez continued, "You look at somebody like Julianne Moore , one of my favorite actresses, you know she always gets crap for being nude in her movies, but that's high art to me.

Kim Says There Won't Be a Kardashian Christmas Card This Year | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

I think this is the first year we're not doing our card," Kim admitted to Glamour before explaining that her family has already come up with an alternative plan. "What we're going to do is, at our Christmas party we have this amazing photo booth so we're going to do like a compilation and do a New Year's card." Related: See Pics from Kourtney Kardashian's Breakfast at Tiffany's Baby Shower But how can they be sure they're organized enough that they get all the necessary pics once the party starts going? "We're all going to get together at the beginning of the party and make sure that we all get photos together and do this whole thing. So that's kind of what we came up with, but we're kind of sad, we just couldn't get it together," North West's mom mused. All that aside, however, Kim still hinted that there may be more behind the lack of holiday card than only the lack of time.

Rosie O'Donnell Defends Kim Kardashian's Full-Frontal Cover: If I Looked Like That, I'd Be Naked Too! | E! Online

Goude rose to prominence as a photographer and illustrator for Esquire in the 1960s. But it was during the heydey of the disco era of the 1970s that he solidified his style: cartoonish, surreal and often racially problematic images of women's bodies. His photography book Jungle Fever featured '70s disco icon Grace Jones, his then-lover,on the cover, in an image that shows her crouched inside a cage like a wild animal. Blacks are the premise of my work, he told People magazine in 1979. "I have jungle fever. Goude's "artistic history is fraught with justified accusations of objectifying and exoticizing black womens bodies," Styleite reminds.

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12 Nov 2014

Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine Winter 2014 | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Celebrity News For Nov. 11, 2014 | Late Edition

Gotcha Images/Splash News; Bauer-Griffin Her outerwear parade began on Friday, Nov. 7, when she stepped out in N.Y.C. in a single-breasted gray wool Celine coat paired with a matching high-waisted pencil skirt, pointy pumps and a mesh top. Just hours later she changed into head-to-toe black ensemble topped with another ankle-grazing oversize coat (a Matrix-esque leather-and-fur design). Gotcha Images/Splash News; Bauer-Griffin RELATED PHOTOS: Check out Kim Kardashians most daring outfits here!
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Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Naked for Paper Magazine: Picture - Us Weekly

Thanks for your reaction Dont forget to share this with your friends! 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Kim Kardashian Is Trying to "Break the Internet" With Her Bare Butt Kim Kardashian bares all on the cover of Paper magazine's Winter 2014 issue, and no, it's not totally safe for work. Even though we recently saw a lot of Kim's backside on British GQ's cover back in October, these latest photos, shot by legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, really take the cake and the Champagne (the cover image is a recreation of Goude's famous "Champagne Incident"). The editors of Paper revealed that their mission for the current issue was to "break the Internet," and there's no other best poised for that task than Kim; a note along with the revealing shots called Kim a "pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house." The Winter issue of Paper, which promises many more images of Kim, is officially released on Thursday, but you can check out the cover and a racy photo from the shoot here.
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Kim Kardashian Coats

Whoa! Kim Kardashian posed completely nude on the cover of Paper magazine's winter 2014 issue, baring her famous derriere. PHOTOS: Kim's sexiest looks In another cover, where Kanye West 's wife is more clothed, the 34-year-old mom poses in a black sequined gown with a champagne glass perfectly balanced on her butt, recreating French photographer's Jean-Paul Goude's iconic "Champagne Incident" shot. "And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine," Kardashian tweeted after the release of the images.
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Kim Kardashian Wants To 'Break The Internet' With A NSFW Pic Of Her Bare Butt - Yahoo Celebrity


The two photos were both shots from Paper Magazines cover story of the 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. The first pic she posted shows Kim in a long, black Jessica Rabbit-style dress balancing a champagne glass on her butt, while popping a bottle of bubbly. The champagne arcs through the air and lands all over her back and in the cup. VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Poses Nude as British GQ's Woman of the Year It's very unsubtly sexual, and very NSFW - unless you work for a low-budget movie company that shoots films exclusively in rental homes out in the San Fernando Valley.
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12 Nov 2014 

Kim K. debuts pricey Hermés bag painted by North | Page Six

Its a day to get turnt up so why not get things started with French Montana and Khloe Kardashian faking it for ratings? Speaking of ratings, is Soulja Boy getting extra attention by hooking up with an ex-adult star? With reality television stars still on your mind, is Hazel-E using music to diss Yung Berg? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.
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Kim Kardashian Carries Bag Painted by North West: First Picture - Us Weekly

She was accompanied by husband Kanye West , 37. Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestPhoto: BroadImage Kardashian alerted fans to the personalized purse, created by her 16-month-old daughter, via Instagram . Me and my bae out today, read the caption of the couple. Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North. Kardashian, who originally thought it was painted by a new artist, received the bag as a birthday gift in October. Hermes bags typically range in cost from $1,300 to upwards of $60,000, reports The Daily Mail .
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Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex video stepped out with her husband Kanye West on Monday, Nov. 9, in L.A., carrying a splattered Hermes bag, which Us Weekly can confirm was painted by her daughter North West. PHOTOS: Nori's fabulous life! Kardashian 34, previously told Us about the baby-decorated item last month at her birthday party in Las Vegas.
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10 Nov 2014 

But every once in awhile, theyre just like any normal couple who looks at their significant other like: WTF? And it seems like Kim had one of those moments during Theophilus Londons VIBES album release party. Weve seen Kanye West turn all the way up to Young Thugs hit Danny Glover before, but that wasnt a one-time thing. The club got lit when the track came on recently, and in the Vine below, you can see Ye, Theophilus and crew mobbing pretty hard to the track. But then if you look to the right, theres Kim standing around, with a look that Ill describe as a mixture of confusion and maybe slight annoyance, but definitely just plain uninterested.

Kanye West on the Importance of Voting in the Midterm Elections - ABC News

1, 2014. Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images Did you really expect Kanye West to not say something on Election Day? The rapper and other half of Kim Kardashian went on an election-themed Twitter spree hours before polls closed. It began with a humble brag about him and Mrs. Kardashian West: Me and my wife met with President Obama two weeks ago KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) November 4, 2014 We'll let you finish, Kanye.

Kim Kardashian Is Not Amused By Kanye West's Turn-Up To Young Thug - MTV

They even wore matching cleavage kleavage, a look theyve done many times before. Ye paired his double-breasted tux-style blazer with a plunging black t-shirt, his favorite suede Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots, and a leather pant. Kim meanwhile went without a shirt underneath and wore her blazer as a dress with her favorite nude Hermes sandals.

Kanye West Turns Up To Young Thug | Hip-Hop Wired

Again, nitpicking with numbers being worn by fictional high school football players. (Red Grange wore #77. People forget that.) Yet,not a single person had a problem with the running back wearing #50. 4. Kanye West calls a running play right up the middle with his team trailing by 10 points and about a minute left on the clock.

People On Internet Don?t Like Music Video According to Reports | The Big Lead

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, in matching his-and-hers, cleavage-revealing Balmain jackets, turned up at Soho Houses roof Thursday for a release party for Theophilus Londons album Vibes!, which West exec-produced. They didnt have any security, says a witness. Kanye had one guy with him, who looked like an assistant. He was shaking hands with people. It was packed, but they were in the crowd dancing and mouthing the words to the songs. West also appears on the track Cant Stop. It was at said party where Yeezy and London were spotted turning up to Young Thugs 2 Bs (Danny Glover). While the New Slaves rapper was having a great time singing along, Kardashian looked too cool for school. Maybe she saw a photographer taking her pic so she wanted to look just right?

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